Confessions from the soul of a fashion truck owner….

Today is the first day in a very long time that I  felt compelled to write. I am writing this blog in hopes that people, like minded people will want to network with me and learn more about fashion mobile boutiques.

This has been a long exhausting journey and it is times like this that  I feel alone and dejected in  this industry, yet compelled to keep focused on  my vision because my dream of success is what sustains me. I have never ever been a quitter and all my life, even as a child I’ve always would think of new and inventive ways to make money.

This vision of mine consumed my mind  for a little over 5 years. During my final last bid in prison I wrote a business plan for a travelling strip bar which I thankfully put  on hold so that I could write and publish my first book, D’sire. While promoting my book I’ve decided to make a more realistic business decision and opted out from the mobile strip club. A year later Sypreme Couture  traveling boutique  was born.

I was so excited when I purchased the vehicle for my business and could literally taste what I’ve envisioned.  I saved up every dime to purchase inventory, obtained all the licensing and permits needed to sustain as a mobile business and sailed into the sun set on cloud one hundred  while thoughts of unicorns and rainbows danced in my head. I was finally a real entrepreneur and you couldn’t tell me shit because I’ve finally made it. I was so sure of it that I gave my boss a month’s notice and quit my job.

The first  4 months was a living hell and even Stevie Wonder could see that I made a very huge  mistake. My bills were starting to pile up and I was behind in my rent. I felt like a complete failure.  It seems as tho  I was taking one step forward and too many steps to count backwards. I quickly learned that quitting my job was the worst thing that I could have done. Eventually I had to put all my belongings in storage and move in with my sister. Without the stress of dodging my landlord and bills I was able to gather my thoughts, put my pride aside and asked for my job back. Thankfully my boss said yes and rehired me on the spot.

I felt as tho my presence was over bearing  on my sister and soon to be husband so  I moved in with  a friend which worked out because my car was giving me a lot of trouble and her apartment was right around the corner from my job.
Eventually I got back on my feet to the point where I was able to sustain a rent again.
Is business where I want it to be yet? The answer is.. Hell to the no. Every day is a struggle to keep my head above water. The reason I wrote this is in hopes that it will prevent someone from making the same foolish mistakes as I have. My journey continues. … I wish you all well, Thank you for reading .

confessions from the soul of a writer…..

Confessions from a writer 101… The year 2014 posed many challenges for me. I launched my business, which drained me financially,and  eventually spiralled into me becoming in dept. Due to the stress of it all I lost focus on my number one passion, which is writing. I did not realize until this past Sunday when my son said” ma,I didn’t know you had a website.” that I haven’t written one single page last year,nor promoted my book.I am even shame to say that I totally forgot that I had a blog page. My focal point has been my business, and the struggle of paying bills, and unbeknownst to me at the time, the conversation with my son was the nudge that I needed from the universe to reconstruct my goal system.
That very same night I get an inbox  from a former colleague of mine, asking me if I was interested in covering a story about two local boxers from New Haven. Ct. Now mind you I haven’t written, nor been on assignment for over a year.
As I sit here and write this, all the pieces and synchronized events are starting to make sense, and displays just how the law of Attraction is working in my life. Knowing this I will intentionally shift my thought process, to more of the experiences that I want to come into my life, and will take it one day at a time from here.

Confessions from the soul of a writer. …..

I am beginning to feel inspired  to write again.Over the past year it seems as tho I’ve loss the momentum due to personal problems that compromised my whole well being. I was in a horrible relationship for eight years with a habitual cheating man that, at the time had me questioning my own self worth. I became the woman that I vowed never to become. You know, the type that would keep taking her man back after seeing, and or hearing him sexually advancing other women. The type that would be ready in a heart beat to rock the other woman to her death, because I couldn’t process my feelings properly.  Yea I was that type, the big dummy, the one who got played like a childs toy on one too many occasions.

The benefits of sea kelp for your skin

Sea vegetables grow both in the marine salt waters as well as in fresh lakes and seas. Although they need sunlight to thrive , sea vegetables are neither plant nor animal but are classified in a group known as algae. There are numerous species of sea vegetablesImage but today I am going to teach you about laminaria other wise known as sea kelp.

Sea kelp is known to oxygenate and nourish the skin. With it’s detoxifying agents it stimulates, revitalizes, and balances the skin while improving moisture levels. Sea kelp purifies the skin with the following elements

Viatmin  A

Vitamin C

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B12

Vitamin E

Vitamin PP

Vitamin K

Vitamin D

The seawater in sea kelp simulates human plasma and it improves the texture, tone and is easily absorbed by the skin. More than 75% of our beautiful planet is covered by the sea and since ancient time people have turned to the sea for it’s riches in trace minerals and it’s ability to heal

taking care of thyself

Hi every body it’s me sypreme essence and I am back with some new and exciting things to share with you. I would like to begin by telling you where iv’e been since the last time i posted. The universe has truly moved mountains for me once again but first I have to tell you how I got to the point where i am now… Four years ago I came across a very low time in my life and I lost everything including my full time job as a manager. At first I blamed everyone else but myself for my misfortune and it wasn’t until I started practicing meditation I  then began to gain the full spectrum of everything that was handed to me has been self dealt. I know I probably lost you after that sentence,but it’s so true. Everything that I’ve attracted into my life came from my most prominent thoughts even if by default. So by redirecting my thoughts I was able to get my life back on track which brings me to the second part of this blog. Because my main focus has been work I forgot about the other parts of my well being which kept my skin in harmony. It wasn’t until I had a very nasty argument with someone close to me, and he said some pretty harsh things that really hurt me. It was at that very moment I realized how bad my skin had really become. Due to stress at work and a lot of deep rooted anger and resentment along with the lack of meditation my skin has suffered a major break out and  once again I am the one who brought this on myself. NO matter how many home made remedies I sloth on my face,my skin will not heal itself until I start healing thy self from within. Meaning getting back into my meditative practices and  letting go of the anger that keeps my soul in bondage will I then began to see a beautiful change on the outside because my skin will reflect what I feel from the inside. I feel the need to share this because my hopes is that maybe this will help some one. Everything happens for a reason,I know that is so cliche’ but it’s so true. what I now realize is this… I needed this break out to put my life back on track. This experience has taught me that no matter how good it gets I must not neglect my inner being and this is not a punishment. The universe is like a kind loving father only guiding us through lessons,someImage may be a little harsh but all are meant to teach us and prepare ourselves for something greater that is to come.

Beautiful women

As a woman bears the burden of life sometimes she falls from grace, only to forget she is the very essence that keeps this earth balanced. During her state of dormancy her primary concern is to get and keep a man. She is unable to reach beyond this narrow focus and achieve a state of mind that recognizes her personal dignity and integrity. This socially patterned defect has manifested itself in our society.
We as women have to overcome this way of thinking strive higher, stop settling for less. We must set goals and achieve them. We must love ourselves and believe we are worthy and tell ourselves several times a day everyday that we are beautiful, so that no man has to do it for us.
I am essential, I am strong and courageous. I am a powerful gifted queen. I am woman.